Get Correct Posture is an online resource, created by me, Sean Yaxley. The aim is simple, to teach as many people as possible ways in which to fix their poor posture so that they can get back to having correct posture. But what is correct posture?

Well, correct posture is when all of your body parts line up in such a way that allows all of your bones and muscles to be used most efficiently. This allows you to perform tasks with a lot less effort, on your muscles part, than you would otherwise have to if you had poor posture.


I decided to make this website because of the amount of trouble I had with my own postural alignment. It started when I was 14, I used to play football (soccer) for my local team, nothing special, just a little Sunday league, while I also enjoyed long distance running such as cross country, although I didn’t have a very big build or frame for that matter!

But then it happened….

After a while of suffering with a chronic pain in my knees I decided it was time to go visit my local GP. My GP told me the cartilage in my knees was wearing away, which was causing the pain, I had arthritis. You can imagine the downer I felt that day, being a young guy that little bombshell hurt, apparently my family history contributed to the problem (thanks Grandad!).

I decided the best thing was to stop playing football, I still ran but not as much as I once did. At that time my treatment was pretty simple, I had to attend physiotherapy sessions in order to strengthen the muscles around my knees in order to gain more stability in and around the joint.

From these sessions I learned a number of exercises, some of which you can find over on the Correct Leg Posture page, they helped me to strengthen the muscles surrounding my knees, namely the quadriceps, which are at the front of the thigh and hamstrings, which are found at the back of the thigh.

This helped a lot and, in time, the pain reduced. I still don’t do much running but I can enjoy long brisk walks without the worry of my knees being in pain by the time I get home!

By the age of 24 other joints had started playing me up quite a bit, starting with my shoulders and wrists and then my hips. Much like the pain I’d suffered with my knees 6 – 7 years prior, the same was happening with my shoulders so I sort of knew what I could expect as far as what I could do to improve it.

So, because of the trouble I had with my joints, you could say I sort of had an extra incentive to look after my posture. I realized the more time I spent sitting at my desk or slouched over my computer or even sleeping with my legs bent at the knees too much, caused the pain in my joints to worsen. It turns out my posture wasn’t as good as I thought it was.

It’s around this time I had had enough of this recurring pain and decided there had to be more I could do to finally sort this problem out once and for all. Of course the solution didn’t happen over night. I spent a lot of time learning how to loosen this muscle and strengthen that muscle to put my body back to how it was supposed to be.

3 plus years on and here I am, my body feels fine and I’m probably in the best shape of my life, ironically it’s in part thanks to the original pain I had suffered in my knees all them years ago.

So now I feel fine, I feel great actually, I felt it could only be a good thing if I made the effort to share with the internet world the same methods and exercises I personally used and still use on a regular basis. I felt if I could improve my posture and the pain that came with it, then I could surely teach other people how to do the same thing.

That’s why I decided to create Get Correct Posture, a website dedicated to helping others learn how to fix their posture, so that others can get rid of pain that stems from having poor posture and avoid circumstances which could cause you to develop poor posture.

So now you know what the website is all about and why it was created, plus a little bit about me, the creator of the website. It’s not too late for you to fix your posture and you can get started over on the Start Here page to get an idea of what correct posture, as well as poor posture, actually is and learn how you can get started fixing it.