9 Top Exercises For Better Posture

Looking to Have Better Posture? Read on For My Top 9 Exercises

That’s the thing about having poor posture, it won’t just fix itself. To gain better posture your only option is to actively do something about it, such as using exercises for better posture, however, there is no lazing around hoping the problem is just going to go away because it won’t. There are of course …

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Why Having Good Posture is Vital to Your Health

It’s well known that having good posture is great for your overall health and how it’s so good for maintaining the alignment of your bones and helping your muscles to function properly. I actually talk a lot here at GetCorrectPosture about how having poor posture affects your muscles and the alignment of your bones, but …

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The 10 Minute Workout to Improve Your Posture

Improve Your Posture - It Takes Just 10 Minutes a Day

Having a workout every day isn’t necessarily something every person thinks about, but when it comes to improving your posture, a daily workout is exactly what is needed. Especially since just 10 minutes of a simple workout each day (that anyone could do) can greatly improve your overall posture. Can you spare just 10 minutes …

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