Did You Know Having Correct Posture Can Help You SUCCEED During An Interview?

Todays Lesson: How does correct posture help during interviews

We shouldn’t do it, it’s not really fair to do it either, but we do it all the time.

Those who say they don’t are probably lying and actually do.

People judge people based on how they look, we know we shouldn’t do it but we do and employers are no different!

It actually only takes one-tenth of a second to make a first impression, that doesn’t leave you with very much time and we all know first impressions can mean everything.

That means almost as soon as you walk through the door to your interview, the employer has already made their first impression of you.

It’s actually why it’s so important to dress smartly, what you’re wearing will pretty much be the first thing about you the employer notices and clothing actually does influence peoples impressions of us.

Greet by shaking hands
Shake hand when you greet employers

Of course, dressing smartly is only one aspect to helping you succeed during an interview, there’s also how you present yourself physically and how you communicate non-verbally, do you stand up tall or shake hands with the employer on first greeting?

If you do, then you’re already off to a great start but how can you improve your chances even further?

What do employers look for during interviews?

We’ve all been there, stressing or worrying about how we can impress during our upcoming interviews, we prepare as best as we can but of course it’s not always easy to do so.

Below are a few of the top things that you can actually prepare for, no matter what kind of interview you are preparing for.

  1. Confidence – When I say confidence I don’t mean to the point where you might come across as being over confident or being a “know it all” but being confident in your own abilities and knowing what it is you can bring to your new job is something you can prepare for.
  2. Body Language – People can learn a lot from your body language, for example, if you go into an interview and have your arms crossed for the majority of the time, this comes across as if you’re not all that interested, even if you really are. You can practice this in front of your mirror at home. Look at yourself in the mirror and explain to yourself why you would be good for the job, making sure to keep your back straight and tall, shoulders back and your arms to your side, sure it might feel strange at first but it helps.
  3. Eye Contact – Now of course I don’t mean stare at the person you have your interview with but, when answering the interview questions, maintaining eye contact can help build up trust and make your answers seem more sincere, as apposed to looking around everywhere else which makes what you’re saying come across as being untruthful. Practice this when talking with your friends and family and get used to doing it.

You might think the above seems quite obvious and that you already do the above anyway, in which case that’s great, however, there’s more….

Time to think about SUCCESS

How does having correct posture help succeed in an interview?

So you know your skills and you’ve got what you can offer to the company you’re interviewing to down to a tee, you’re maintaining eye contact when answering questions and you think your body language is good too but you’re still not succeeding in your interviews.

So what else can you possibly do to actually succeed?

Well that’s where having correct posture comes in.

Having correct posture can very well be the difference between succeeding during an
interview and not succeeding.

We’ve already talked about how being confident in your own abilities is one of the top aspects an employer looks for in a person but, what if you’re not a confident person overall, even if you are confident in your own abilities?

Having correct posture not only makes you look more confident but you will actually feel more confident too.

A 2008 study shows the correlation between body posture and its affects on self-esteem and self-confidence.

During the study participants were told to either sit in an upright, chest up and shoulders back, sitting posture or sit in a hunched forwards, head looking at knees, slumped posture.

The study showed that when sitting in an upright, positive position, participants were more likely to feel confident and trust their own thoughts.

Thumbs up

The same study also shows that when in a slouched position the participants didn’t have the same confidence and trust in what they were saying.

This goes to show that, when you’re sitting during an interview, it really does help to open your body up and sit with good sitting posture so that you too can feel confident and comfortable with your answers when asked a typical interview question such as, “How well do you cope working in a team?”.

You really will feel more confident and if you feel more confident in yourself, you can bet the employer will notice how confident you are too.

When you have correct posture you WILL feel and look more powerful

Standing with ConfidenceHere at Get Correct Posture I talk a lot about how having correct posture really can and will benefit pretty much everyone, it’s what we do, looking more powerful is simply just one of those benefits.

When you have correct posture your body will occupy as much space as it possibly can. Standing, your back will be straight and you will be at your tallest, your shoulders will be at their broadest, your legs straight and arms out by your side.

Having an open powerful looking stance has been shown to increase testosterone levels, the hormone related to power, and decrease cortisol levels, known as the “stress hormone”.

Of course decreasing cortisol levels, and thus decreasing stress levels, will make going into your interview feel like a breeze, it will help the process feel so much more natural.

Then with the increase in testosterone levels helping you feel more powerful, your confidence will only increase and you’ll be able to feel like you’re the one who’s actually in control of your interview.

Looking and feeling powerful will only ever help you succeed during an interview.

Employers like happy, positive people

FeBe happy and positive.eling powerful is only one benefit to standing up or sitting down with correct posture, you’ll also notice you feel and act far more positive and feel happier too.

People who walk with their heads looking down at the ground tend to feel less happy than those who walk with their head up.

It’s posture problems like forward head posture that can, believe it or not, cause you to feel generally unwell and have low energy levels.

This is due to a decreased blood flow into the part of the brain that controls things such as:

  • our immune system
  • our breathing
  • our heart rate
  • and our coordination

It’s things like, spending long periods of time on your cell phone, hunching over your computer and carrying heavy backpacks that causes forward head posture.

You can learn more about what causes forward head posture along with how to fix it here.

It’s also been shown that happiness really is contagious, if you’re happy then people around you will start to become and feel happy too.

The same can be said during an interview, if you arrive to your interview feeling happy and confident in yourself then this really will rub off on the employer.

This is a sure fire way to embed yourself into the employers mind and make a great impression on him or her.

An employer is far more likely to hire the happier of two people that have the exact same skill set and the chances are, the person who isn’t the happier of the two very likely has poor posture habits too.

What to take away from this post?

Likability is a major player during the social aspects of day to day life and it is no different during an interview too.

If you have made it all the way to the bottom of this post then this is what you will have learned to help succeed during interviews:

  • what employers look for in their candidates during interviews
  • how you can feel more confident in yourself
  • how to feel more powerful within yourself
  • how being happy can help during your interview.

To succeed at an interview means more than just having a giant skill set and knowing the job you’re trying to get into.

It’s also important to present yourself in the best light you possibly can and having correct posture is a sure fire way to increase your chances of being successful during an interview.

People like confident, happy, cheerful people, because those people tend to be more reliable than those who don’t seem as happy.

Knowing that having correct posture makes you feel and look more confident and happy, not just to yourself but to the people around you (including potential employers!), is a great piece of knowledge to have in your arsenal.

If you know you have poor posture or want to learn if you have or not, or even if you just want to learn more about what correct posture is and how it can benefit you then you can do so on the Start Here page.

Good luck with your next interview and if you felt the advice given here helped you out during your interview then be sure to come back and let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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