Hi, Sean Yaxley here. Here at Get Correct Posture I believe in honesty, reliability and being as helpful as I possibly can to you, the reader. It’s for those reasons I aim to be fully transparent, therefore I have included the following disclaimers, available to the reader on every single page of the site, in order to be completely honest and up front.

Medical Disclaimer

Although I go to every effort to make sure the information contained here at Get Correct Posture is as accurate and up to date as possible, I have to note that I am not a medical professional nor am I a medical practitioner, everything I have learned over time is from personal experience or the experience of others. Every person is different, as such, all information found here at Get Correct Posture should be used for informational or educational purposes only. If you have any concerns about your health that you may require medical assistance, please seek advice from your GP.

Affiliate Disclaimer

Get Correct Posture is a for-profit business and, like many other people, if you have a website your’s should be too (unless of course you’re feeling charitable!). As such, I have included some products and links to those products that I act as an affiliate to. This means if you decide to click on one of the product links, directing you to a product sales page or otherwise, and make a purchase, then I may receive compensation in the form of a commission for recommending to you said product. The visited web page may also place a cookie within your browser in order to track such a circumstance. Not all links placed on the site are affiliate links however, with so many links present, naming them all would not be efficient. therefor, just to be on the safe side, assume all outbound links are affiliate links.

Having said the above, just because Get Correct Posture is a for-profit website, this does not distract me in any way from my main goal and that is to provide you with the best, most helpful, content that I possibly can in order to educate you. And yes, sometimes, that does mean I’ll recommend a product to you, but with so much tat on the internet, it is my aim to only recommend the best of those products, the ones that I genuinely feel will be helpful to your cause.

I might also stress that I do not receive free copies of any of the products I promote, I have to purchase them just like you, I only receive compensation in the form of an affiliate commission.

If you would like to get in touch relating to the above message then you can do so via the contact us page, I’ll answer any queries you might have.

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Sean Yaxley